Geography -One Liners

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Geography -One Liners


List of Local Winds


1-Khamsin: Hot, dry wind in Egypt

2-Zonda: Cold, dry wind blow in Argentina

3-Santa Ana: Hot wind in South California in USA

4- Chinook: Hot dry wind in Rockies also called ‘snow eater’

5-Solano: Hot, moist wind from Sahara towards Iberian Peninsula

6-Hoehn: Hot, dry wind in Alps

7-Bora: Cold, dry wind blowing outward from Hungary to the north of Italy (near Adriatic Sea)

8-Blizzard: Very cold wind in Tundra region

9-Sirocco: Hot, moist wind from Sahara to Mediterranean Sea.

10-Norwester: Hot wind in New Zealand

11-Hamattan: Hot dry wind blowing outwards from interior of West Africa also called Guinea Doctor.

12-Lavanter: Cold wind in Spain

13-Brickfielder: Hot wind in Australia

14-Mistral: Very cold wind, which blows down from the Alps, over France.

15-Purga: Cold wind in Russian Tundra

16-Elephanta (strong southerly or southeasterly wind on the Malabar coast of India)

17-Loo (hot wind which blows over plains of India and Pakistan.)

18-Ostro (southerly wind in the Mediterranean)

19-Marin (south-easterly from Mediterranean to France)

20-Buran (a wind which blows across eastern Asia. It is also known as Purga when over the tundra)

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