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Shifting Cultivation of India

1-   Podu-  Andhra Pradesh

2-  Walra – SE Rajasthan

3-  Bewar & Dehiyar-  Bundelkhand Division (M.P.)

4-  Jhoom –   North East

5- Deepa-  Bastar Distt. (M.P.)

6- .Kaman, Binga Dhavi – Kaman, Binga, Dhavi

 7- Upraun –   Terrace farming without  irrigation by Bhutia.

8-  Khole – Himalayan Region

9-  Karil –   Jhum cultivation by Bhutia

10-. Kumari -Western Ghats

 11- K. KAPIL-              Areas of Bhutia in Uttaranchal

12-  Chhimata (Shifting Ag. on slope by Bhil) –      Bhil areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, M.P., and

        DAJAI (Shifting Ag. on plain by Bhil)                                          Maharashtra

13-Talab –  Terrace farming with irrigation by Bhutia.

14- . Jora and erka-  South Indian States

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