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The Solar System

1-The Sun’s nearest known star is a red dwarf called Proxima Centuri

2-Biggest Planet- Jupiter

3-Coldest Planet – Neptune

4-Green Planet – Uranus

5-Brightest Planet – Venus

6-Farthest Planet from Sun – Neptune

7-Hottest Planet – Venus

8-Red Planet – Mars

9-Nearest Planet to Earth – Venus

10-Nearest Planet to Sun – Mercury

11-Smallest Planet – Mercury

12-Earth’s twin – Venus

13-Uranus is tilted at 90 degree, so it almost rolls around the Sun. Hence it is also called as Lying planet.

14-Asteroids are the group of more than 1600 tiny rock pieces moving around the Sun in between the planets Mars and Jupiter

15-Smallest Satellite – Deimos

16- Titan is the only satellite with an atmosphere like Earth

17-The gravity of moon is 1/6th that of the earth.

18-Densest Planet – Earth

19-Sirius (Dog Star) is the brightest Planet outside Solar System

20-Biggest Satellite – Gannymede

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