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1- The Arya Samaj set up for the first time at Lahore in 1875.

2- Ibrahim Lodi was the first sultan of Delhi killed in the battlefield

3-Milinda Panha records a discussion in Pali language between Meander and Nagasena

4-The Sannidhata in Mauryan administration was the chief of the Treasury

5-Sultan Iltutmish was the first Delhi Sultan who introduced a purely Arabic Coinage

6-Maulana Abul Kalam Azad became the Congress youngest President at a special session at Delhi in 1923

7-Dhondu Pant is better known as Nana Saheb

8-Ghadar Party was founded by Lala Hardayal and Sohan Singh Bhakna in  San Francisco (USA)

9-Jatin Das,revolutionary leader died after a fast in demand of prisoner’s rights in jail

10-Sarojini Naidu became the Congress’ first Indian woman president at its Kanpur Session, 1925

11- The Nicobar island territory was called the Swaraj by the Indian National Army

12-In the viceroyalty of Lord Dufferin,Congress was founded.

13-Article 50 of the Indian Constitution deals with the Separation of judiciary from executive

14-Panchayati Raj has received Constitutional status with the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act

15-Joint meetings of two or more Zonal Councils are presided over by Union Home Minister

16-The first general elections in India were held in 1951

17-The Vice-President who assumes the office of the President in case of vacancy due to death holds it  – Maximum for a period of six months

18-A House of Parliament can declare the seat of a member vacant if he remains absent without any permission for a period of Sixty days

19-Tenth schedule of the Constitution deals with the disqualification of the members of Parliament and state legislature on the ground of defection

20-V.D Savarkar called the 1857 revolt a planned war of national independence.

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