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GK 3

  1. The Ellora caves in Maharasthra were built by Rashtrakutas .
  2. The system of Dyarchy was first introduced by Montague Chemsford reforms.
  3. Warren Hastings is considered as the founder of the British Empire in India.
  4. Mathura Art, Ajanta Paintings and Fourth Buddhist Council are connected with Kushanas.
  5. Preamble is described as the soul of Constitution.
  6. The main interest of Fa-hein in visiting India was to visit Buddhist monasteries and record their history and condition.
  7. 61 st amendment of the Constitution has lowered voting age from 21 years to 18 years.
  8. Total utility is maximised when marginal utility is zero.
  9. Indigo is stable plant dye.
  10. Oil and Natural Gas are found in Ankleshwar.
  11. Highest labour intensity in India is in Textile Industry.
  12. Plants can purify the vitiated air was quoted by Priestly.
  13. Refrigeration is a process in which the decomposition of food is delayed.
  14. Sardar Sarovar dam is located in Gujarat on river Narmada.
  15. Warren Hastings was impeached on return to Britain for accepting bribes and committing atrocities on Indian rulers.
  16. Balban was the first Muslim ruler in India who devised the theory of kingship(divine right).
  17. The universal law of Gravitation was propounded by Newton.
  18. The concept of revolutionary methods was advocated by Karl Marx.
  19. Bangalore is known as the garden city of India.
  20. Kalpakkam in Tamilnadu is famous for nuclear power generation.
  21. Lakshya in India is pilotless target aircraft.
  22. The first winner of Rs 1 lakh Pant Outstanding Parliamentarian award is CPI leader Inderjit Gupta.
  23. Yugoslavia has been expelled from UN membership.
  24. Mrs Maneka Gandhi has been honoured with Lord Erskine Award.
  25. Copper, zinc and iodine are three important micro-nutrients essential for humans.
  26. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruits is acetylene(Ethylene).
  27. Minimate disease in Japan is caused by poisoning due to Mercury.
  28. The brightest star in the sky is sirius.
  29. The speed of rotation of earth is 28km/minute.
  30. Harmander Sahib Gurudwara is located at Amritsar.
  31. White Paper presented in Lok Sabha means a statement on national issue presented by Government on which a discussion follows.
  32. Laplerre is the author of Freedom of midnight and Is Paris burning ?.
  33. The topographical maps of India are prepared by Survey of India.
  34. The language of Satavahana inscriptions was Prakrit.
  35. Megasthenes, Plinz,Ptolemy and Fa-hein are the correct chronological order of the foreign writers in India.
  36. The formation of linguistic states in India has started with Andhra Pradesh.
  37. The rock cut caves at Elephanta belong to Satavahanas period.
  38. A crossed cheque is one which can be encashed only through a bank.
  39. The most famous region for producing grapes,oranges and olives is Mediterraneon.
  40. In Orissa, the Jaugada edict of Ashoka is located.
  41. The earliest known specimen of Indo European language is provided by Rigveda.
  42. Roaring forties are the Latitudional zone between 40 S and 60 S.
  43. The bats are able to fly in the dark since therir wings produce ultrasonic waves.
  44. The boiling point of water is highest at Dead sea.
  45. The minimum possible temperature beyond which matter can not be cooled is 273.15C.
  46. Chloroflurocarbons are responsible for the depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere.
  47. German Silver is an alloy of Copper,Zinc and Nickel.
  48. Diabetes can be caused due to defective genes.
  49. Pea plant can fix nitrogen from air.
  50. Natural rubber is a plant product which is chemically known as latex.
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