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1-______ Government will train over 50,000 employees as part of its Key Result Area (KRA) programme to enhance their performance in competence with corporate sector ?
 Madhya Pradesh
 None of These

Ans- Maharashtra

2- ______ acquired Silicon Valley-based startup Reduce Data, a programmatic display advertising platform ?
 None of These

Ans- Snapdeal

3-Reserve Bank of India will issue coins of _____ denomination to commemorate golden jubilee (50th) year of Indo-Pak War 1965 ?
 2 rupees
 5 rupees
 15 rupees
 100 rupees

Ans-  5 rupees

4-Reserve Bank of India (RBI) declared _____ as Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) ?

 HDFC and ICICI Bank
 State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC Bank
 State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank
 AXIS and ICICI Bank

Ans-State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank

5- Competition Commission of India imposed penalty on _____ for indulging in anti-competitive activities ?
 MP Film Exhibitors Federation
 Rajasthan Film Exhibitors Federation
 Karnataka Film Exhibitors Federation
 Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation

Ans- Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation

6- India and ______ set up a target of USD $ 1 billion by 2018 during Seventh Session of Intergovernmental Commission meet. Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman attended on India’s Behalf ?
Ans- Belarus

7-____ will raise up to Rs. 700 crore through tax free secured non-convertible bonds ?


8-India’s ______ Organized South Asian Sub-Regional Drug Focal Point Meeting and Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Expert Group Consultation in Delhi. ?
 Narcotics Control Bureau

Ans-  Narcotics Control Bureau

9-Government approved Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) up to _____ under automatic route in activity of White Label ATM (WLA) Operations ?
 50 %
 100 %
 90 %
 75 %

Ans-  100 %

10-Under Gold Metal Loan Scheme, Gold Metal Loan Account will be opened by banks for jewelers to whom Gold is being provided as loan. Tenure of GML at present is _____ ?
 120 days
 150 days
 180 days
 200 days

Ans-180 days

11-Indirect Tax Revenue Collections increased to 2,63,089 crore during April-August 2015 from Rs.1,92,677 crore in April-August 2014 (______ up). ?
 31 %
 27 %
 17 %
 25 %

Ans- 27 %

12-India’s current account deficit came down to _____ of GDP ($6.2 Billion USD) in April – June of FY 2015-16 Quarter as compared to 1.6 % of GDP ($6.2 Billion USD) in same periood last year ? ?
 1.2 %
 1.4 %
 1 %
 1.5 %

Ans-1.2 %

13- Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will execute Vijayawada Metro Rail Project in ________ to improve connectivity in Amaravati (proposed capital) and surrounding areas. Initial Phase will be completed at estimated cost of 6769 crore rupees by 2018. ?
 Andhra Pradesh
 Madhya Pradesh
 Andhra Pradesh

Ans-  Andhra Pradesh

14-Reserve Bank of India and ____ signed an MOU on exchange of supervisory information ?
 State Bank of Pakistan
 Nepal Rastra Bank
 Central Bank of Sri Lanka
 Da Afghanistan Bank
 None of These

Ans-Nepal Rastra Bank

15-_____ launched online specific credit card SimplyCLICK in association with seven partners ?
 SBI Card
 HDFC Bank
 Axis Bank
 None of These

Ans-SBI Card

16- e-commerce firm _____ introduced cashless payments in educational institutes for fee payments and related purchases. ?


17-_____ acquired Zigwheels (auto portal owned by Times Internet) ?
 None of These


18-Govrnment approved capital infusion of Rs. 800 Crore in _______ to support future growth of the Bank. ?
 Export Import Bank of India

Ans-Export Import Bank of India

19- As per World Federation of Exchanges, India’s ______ has highest number of listed companies in the world (5689 Companies) ?
 National Stock Exchange
 Bombay Stock Exchange
 Kolkata Stock Exchange
 Inter Connected Stock Exchange
 None of These

Ans-Bombay Stock Exchange

20-Government released ______ rupees to Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) (1995) as its contribution for 2015-16 ?
 3000 Crore
 5000 Crore
 6000 Crore
 8000 Crore
 2,000 crore

Ans-2,000 crore

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