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Our Universe

1- Jure divino means by divine law

2- Nebula – It refers to the cloud of interstellar matter

3- Jamini Roy- Painter

4-Muntz metal -An alloy containing copper and zinc in the proportion of 3:2

5- Persona Non Grata means – An unwelcome person

6-The first man to reach South Pole was Amundson

7-Interpol -International Police

8-Nobel Prize is awarded in 6 fields.

9-Wankhede stadium is in Mumbai

10-Alcoholic drinks contain ethyl alcohol

11-The brightest star in our solar system is sirius.

12-Hydrogen gas is abundantly in Sun.

13-The time taken by the Uranus to revolve round the Sun is 84 years.

14-Venus is the brightest planet as seen from the earth.

15-The distance between the earth and the sun is greatest during aphelion.

16-The speed per minute at which the earth revolves round the sun is more than 1600km.

17-The sun shines vertically on the equator twice a year.

18-The earth rotates on its axis from west to east.

19-The indian name of pluto planet is Yama.

20-The biggest star in our galaxy is Sun.

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