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Science & Technology

1-The densest form of Carbon is diamond.

2-Graphite is used as a lubricant because it is soft and greasy.

3-The role of a catalyst in a chemical reaction is to change the activation energy.

4-The four covalent bonds of a carbon atom are arranged in the shape of a regular tetrahedron.

5-In the process of electrolysis, the positive and negative ions of electrolyte are discharged.

6-Distilled water is made by the process of evaporation followed by condensation.

7-Water exists both as solid and liquid at 0 degree centigrade.

8-Calgon is the trade name of Sodium hexametaphosphate.

9-Permutit is the name for sodium aluminium orthosilicate

10-The solubility of gases in liquids can be increased by decreasing temperature and increasing pressure.

11-Hard water does not lather with soap owing to the formation of stearates of Calcium and Magnesium.

12-Ammonia is highly soluble in water since its molecules are markedly polar.

13-Fixation of nitrogen refers to conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compounds.

14-The rocky material present in an ore is called gangue.

15-A substance used in metallurgy to remove rock material is called flux.

16-Duralumin is an alloy containing Magnesium, Copper,Manganese and Aluminium.

17-Nitrogen pentoxide contains only covalent bonds.

18-The most characteristic property of metals is their tendency to lose electrons.

19-An ammonium compound which sublimes on heating is Ammonium Chloride.

20-The amount of Hydrogen in water by mass is 11.11 percent.

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