GK/General Awareness/G-Studies

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GK/General Awareness/G-Studies


General Awareness
1- The father of modern biology is Aristotle

2- The point at which solid, liquid and gaseous forms of a substance co- exist is called —

A. sublimation point

B. distillation point

C. triple point

D. melting point

Ans : C.
3- The seeds that will normalize blood sugar level is ?

A. Coriander

B. Mustard

C. Cumin

D. Fenugreek

Ans : D.

4- The largest district of Rajasthan is ?

A. Jaipur

B. Bikaner

C. Jodhpur

D. Jaisalmer

Ans. D.

5-The speed of light will be minimum while passing through—

A. glass

B. vacuum

C. air

D. water

Ans : A.

6- The time taken by the Sun to revolve around the center of our galaxy


A. 365 mn years

B. 100 mn years

C. 250 mn years

D. 50 mn years

Ans : C.

7- The oldest monarchy in the world is that of—

A. Japan

B. U K

C. Spain

D. Nepal

Ans : A

8- Where did Buddha die?

A. Kusinagara

B. Lumbini

C. Pavapuri

D. Magadha

Ans: A

9. The Vice-President is elected by an electoral college consisting of—

A. only elected members of both Housed of Parliament

B. only Rajya Sabha members

C. all members of Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies

D. all members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Ans : D.

10- The number of States of the USA that are not attached to its mainland ?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

Ans. B.

11-. The military operation ‘Restore Hope’ was launched in

A. Somalia

B. Bangladesh

C. Angola

D. Bosnia Herzegovina

Ans. A

12- ‘Atlantis’ is the name of the space shuttle launched by

A. Britain


C. Australia

D. India

Ans. B

13. Burma was known to ancient Indians as

A. Suvarnabhumi

B. Yavadvipa

C. Malayamandalam

D. Suvarnadvipa

Ans. A
14- The Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Constitution of India

by the—

A. Forty-second Amendment

B. Tenth Amendment

C. Thirty-second Amendment

D. First Amendment

Ans : A

15- The following states has the maximum urban population?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Maharashtra

C. Tamil Nadu

D. West Bengal

Ans. B

16- The correctly matched pair is ?

A. Bolangir : Orissa

B. Ernakulam : Andhra Pradesh

C. Nasik : Gujarat

D. Mandya : Rajasthan

Ans. A

17- Caldera is a feature associated with-

A.Faulting of mountains

B. Earthquakes

C. Folding of rocks

D. Volcanoes

Ans: D
18 -The rock that is transformed into marbles ?

A. Limestone

B. Granite

C. Peat

D. Shale

Ans: A

19- It is a warm ocean current ?

A. Labrador

B. Peruvian

C. Kuroshio

D. None of these

Ans: C

20- All of the following are constituents of RNA molecule except—

A. Thymine

B. Guanine

C. Adenine

D. Uracil

Ans : A


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