History -Important One Liners For Various Exam

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1-The aim of Poona Pact  was representation to the depressed class.

2-The unit for measuring the amplitude of a sound is Decibel .

3-Nepanagar is related to Newsprint Paper.

4-The biggest church is India is located at Goa.

5-El Nino is related to Climate.

6-The first PM of Great Britain was Robert Walpole

7-Fathom is the unit of Depth

8-Electric Current is measured by ammeter

9-The nucleus of an atom consists of protons and neutrons.

10-Powder type of fire extinguisher is used for petroleum fire.

11-Syrinx is the voice box in Birds.

12-TCS is biggest IT Company.

13-Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of Zinc.

14-The Centre for cellular and Molecular Biology is situated at Hyderabad.

15-The chief election commission of India is appointed by President.

16-The Chairman and members of state Public Service Commission are appointed by the Governor

17-Q.723 The Ilbert Bill controversy during Lord Lytton’s time related to the concepts
of Judicial equality

18-Minto-Morley Reforms aimed at Separate electrorates for the Muslims

19- Jatin Das was involved in the Alipur Bomb case

20-The newspaper ‘Al-Hilal’ was brought out by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

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