GK/General Awareness/G-Studies -One Liners

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General Awareness

1-In 1887 William Friese -Green of England invented camera capable of taking up to ten photographs per second.

2-The father of Telugu film industry was Raghupathi Venkaiah.

3-Raghupathi Venkaiah built the cinema studio Gaity.

4-In 1895 Woodwill Latham invented cinema projector.

5-Alam Ara is the first talkie movie in Hindi.

6-Bhisma Pratigna was the first Telugu mooki film.

7-The first public show of cinema took place in the year on July 7, 1896.

8-The birth of cinema could be attributed to Lumiere brothers.

9-Popular plays in Telugu like Vara Vikrayam, Satya Harischandra, Kanya Shulkam were made into films.

10-The first talkie movie was Bhakta Prahlada released in 1931.

11-In Telugu Alluri Seetharama Raju and Komaram Bheem are films related to the struggles of the tribal people.

12-Chuttukamudu is one of the art form of Telangana.

13-Yaksha Ganam or Jakkula Bhagavatham or Veedhi Bhagavatham is a popular Telugu folk art.

14-Sadir Natyam is a solo dance form performed by devadasis in temples and in royal courts of South India.

15-Golla Suddulu art is practised by Shepherds.

16-A large number of classical dance forms of India trace their origin to Bharata’s book Natyasashtra.

17-Bharatnatyam springs from Sadir Natyam.

18-Cymbals-Musical instruments made of metal.

19-Nattuvanaras- The most important member of Bharatnatyam.

20-Lambadies refer to semi-nomadic tribe.

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