General Awareness for various competitive examinations

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General Awareness for various competitive examinations

General Awareness
General Awareness






Thank You all for all for landing at the page of General Awareness.

General Awareness plays an important role in various competitive examinations conducted by various organizations.

General Awareness bits help in the last minute preparation for various exams.

General Awareness One-Liners help a lot.

Watch below some of General Awareness-One Liners

1- Sri Lanka country Prime Minister residence is known as Temple Tree

2-The Kyoto protocol started in the year 1997

3- Strategic Air Command (SAC) headquarters is located in Columbia

4-Last king of Chola dynasty was Rajendra Chola III

5-Study of sand is called as arenology

6- Indian Hockey team won the Olympic in 1928

7-Archery was introduced in Olympics in 1900

8-IPCC full form is Intergovernmental Penal On Climate Change

9-Malaysian flag has 14 lines between two symbols

10-Animal protection day is 4th October

11-Motilal Nehru was a co-founder of Swaraj party

Motilal Nehru
Motilal Nehru

12-Clouds float in the sky because of their low density

13-Aryabhatta was launched in 1975

14-AMRUT yojna named after JNNURM

15-Hyderabad is the Pearl city of India

16-IIM has been recently opened in Andhra Pradesh

17-Priyanka Chopra has won people choice award 2016 for serial Quantico

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

18-Most intelligent mammal in the world is Dolphins

19- The Full form of CDM- Cash Deposit Machine

20-Lord Dufferin was the governor when national Congress established

21-The Indian PM, who did not work as Chief Minister was Indira Gandhi

22-Capital city of Syria is Damascus

23-Galvanometer device is used to measure current

24-H S Prannoy is a Badminton Player

25-Full form of IUCN-  International Union for Conservation of Nature

26- HCL is the Digestive acid

27-The biggest nuclear plant in India is Tarapur Atomic Power Station

28-ELISA is the test for AIDS but it is caused by virus HIV

29-The process of coating on the surface of a metal with zinc is called Galvanisation

30-The scientist who got Nobel Prize for malaria is Sir Ronald Ross

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