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Computed TomographyComputed Tomography
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General Awareness-One Liners-Oct 8, 2017

1-TCP- Transfer Control Protocol

2-Indira point is located at Andaman

3-Sir Ronald Ross got Nobel prize on malaria

Sir Ronald Ross
Sir Ronald Ross

4-The test for AIDS is Elisa. AIDS is caused by virus HIV

5- Birju Maharaj is a Kathak Dancer. He composed a song for Deepika Padukone in ‘Bajirao mastani’ movie.

6- Kaziranga National Park has world’s two thirds one-horned rhinos.

Kaziranga National Park
Kaziranga National Park

7-Bulb filament is made up of Tungsten

8- Nitrogen gas is used for flushing potato chips packet

9-Satish Dhawan Space center is in Andhra Pradesh.

10- India has the biggest constitution in the World.

11-Lalita Babar is related to Athletics

12- Fullform of CT in CT scan is Computed Tomography


Computed Tomography
Computed Tomography

13-MRI- Magnetic Resource Imaging

14-Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman cosmonaut in the world

15-World Cancer Day is on Feb 4

16- Brazil won maximum number of FIFA World football cup

17-Email inventor is Shiva Ayyadurai

18-Cristiano Ronaldo belongs to Portugal

19-First Solar Powered Airport In India is at Kochi

20-Arithmetic Logic Unit is known as Nerve Centre of Computer.

21-First Chinese Women, who went to Space is Liu Yang

22-Hoysala Empire King Vishnuvardhana constructed the Chennakesava Swamy temple

Chennakesava Swamy temple
Chennakesava Swamy temple

23- The inventor of Video Games is Ralph Henry Baer

24-ATM- Automated Teller Machine

25-First Capital of Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura

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