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1.The main security guard of International Trade is– WTO

 2- Non-Resident India Day is observed on– January 9

3- ITC company has started a rural marketing network called e-chaupals

4- Dr. Y.V.Reddy was the Chairman of 14th Finance Commission

5- The Government Securities on which no interest is paid and the
Government only pays the Face Value of the bond on its maturity are
called– Zero Coupon Bonds

6- The India Institute of Advanced Studies is located in– Shimla

7- Nabinagar Power Plant situated in Bihar belongs to  Indian Railways

8- Where was First Trade Point in India established? – New Delhi (August 16, 1994)

9- Meera Seth Committee was associated with  the development of handloom industry

10- Virtual water implies– Volume of water required to produce a commodity or service

11- Swam Jayanti Shahri Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) was introduced on December 1, 1997

12- National Rural Development Institute is situated at Hyderabad

13- IIP stands for Index of Industrial Production

14- RBI was nationalised in 1949

15- The outline of second five year plan was made by  P. C. Mahalanobis

16- J. J. Irani Committee was associated with Company Law Reforms

17- Who is called the father of Operation Flood in India ?  Verghese Kurien

18- The first multipurpose river valley project of independent India is Damodar Valley Corporation

19- Whose name is associated with formulation of Planning Strategy in Second Five Year Plan ? – Prasant Chandra Mahalanobis

20- The World’s seventh largest city in terms of billionaire population is Mumbai

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