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1-Coldest place on earth – Verkoyansk in Siberia

2-The longest river in the world – Nile

3-The Highest mountain in the world – Mount Everest

4-The Biggest desert in the world – Sahara Desert

5-Largest coffee growing country in the world – Brazil

6- The name given to the border that separates Afghanistan and Pakistan – Durand Line

7-The country known as the “country of copper” – Zambia

8- River Jordan Flows into – Dead Sea

9-Largest island in the Mediterranean sea is – Sicily

10-The biggest delta in the world is – Ganges Delta

11-National flower of China – Narcissus

12-The first Pakistani to receive Nobel Prize – Abdul Salam

13-World Environment day is observed on – 5th June

14-The founder of Chinese Republic was – San Yat Sen

15-National flower of Italy – Lily

16-The place known as the roof of the world – Tibet

17-The first Republican President of America – Abraham Lincoln

18-Country known as the “Land of the midnight sun” – Norway

19-National flower of Britain – Rose

20-The country famous for Samba dance – Brazil

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