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1- Study of insects is called Entomology

2- Dioptre is a  unit used to express the focal power of optical lenses

3- Laughing gas is chemically known as Nitrous Oxide.

4- The distance travelled by light in one year is called Light year

5- An organism which derives its nourishment from another living organism is called Parasite

6-Sputnik-I is the world’s first man-made satellite

7-Venus planet is the brightest of all the planets

8- The largest gland in the body which is dark red in colour is Liver

9-Inadequate secretion of Insulin hormone causes diabetes

10- In atmospheric layer Ionosphere the communication satellite is located

11-Newton’s second law of motion states that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the force applied and takes place in the direction in which the force acts

12-Small pieces of solid matter which are found scattered in the inter-planetary space of the solar system are known as Meteoroids

13-Common cold, Influenza, Chickenpox and Measles are caused due to the attack of Virus

14- The scientific principle behind ‘Fibre Optics’ is Total internal reflection of light.

15- When we wind a watch Potential energy is stored

16- The rate of change of position of a body with respect to time in a particular direction and is a vector quantity is called Velocity.

17- The study of the inter-relations of animals and plants with their environment is called Ecology.

18- The temperature at which all substances have zero thermal energy -273 degree celcius.

19- Any substance which when added to a reaction, alters the rate of the reaction but remains chemically unchanged at the end of the process is called Catalyst.

20- In Internet jargon the full form of ‘http’ is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.


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