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The first woman Asian Games Gold Medal Winner-Kamlijit Sandhu

The first woman Lawyer-Cornelia Sorabjee

First Miss India to participate in Miss Universe-Indrani Rehman

The first woman Air Vice Marshal-P. Bandopadhyaya

The first woman Lieutenant General-Puneeta Arora

The first woman Judge in Supreme Court of India-Kumari Justice M. Fathima Beevi

First Test tube baby of India-Indira (Baby Harsha)

India’s First University-Nalanda University

First Post Office Opened in India-Kolkata(1727)

India’s First Lok Sabha Member to be elected with a-P.V.Narasimha Rao

he first woman Cheif Justice of High Court-Mrs Leela Seth (Himachal Pradesh

First British to Visit India-Hawkins

India’s First Open University-Andhra Pradesh Open University

The first woman Judge-Anna Chandy

First Graduate in Medicine-Soorjo Coomar Goodeve Chukerbutty

First Indian to reach Antarctica-Lt. Ram Charan

First Judge in International Court of Justice-Dr. Nagender Singh

First Muslim President of the Indian National-Badruddin Tayyabji

The first woman chairperson of Indian Airlines-Sushma Chawla

First President of Indian National Congress-W.C. Bannerjee, 1885

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