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 A list of  various phobias  : —–

Triskaidekaphobia : Fear of number 13

Aviatophobia, or Aerophobia : Fear of flying in a plane, helicopter, etc. (Imagine if birds had this phobia!)

Ophidiophobia : Fear of snakes

Chorophobia : Fear of dancing

Agoraphobia, Cenophobia, or Kenophobia : Fear of open spaces

Eisoptrophobia : Fear of mirrors

Acrophobia, Altophobia, or Hypsophobia : Fear of heights

Claustrophobia, or Clithrophobia : Fear of confined, or closed spaces

Pogonophobia : Fear of beards

Ichthyphobia : Fear of fish

Pediophobia : Fear of dolls

Chaetophobia : Fear of Hair

Arachnophobia : Fear of spiders

Odontophobia : Fear of teeth

Linonophobia : Fear of strings

Batrachophobia : Fear of frogs

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