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Rail/Railways Facts

1-In the year 1932, the first diesel train of the world rolled.

2-In 1861, Balsar-Badodara Rail line was prepared.

3- The first diesel locomotive service started in Darjeeling.

4-‘East Indian Railway Company’ and “Great Indian Peninsular Company” were the first Indian companies. They were looked after by the English.

5-In 1870, Bombay and Calcutta was linked with Rail lines via Allahabad.

6-First colour light signal was started in 1928 by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway between Victoria Terminus and Bheikhala railway stations.

7-The first three-tier air conditioned coaches were built in Kapurthala

8-Railway started its services in Madras in 1856.

9-In 1852, first Locomotive was manufactured.

10-In 1899, the first locomotive was manufactured at Jamalpur Mechanical Factory.

11-A Civil Engineer Mr.G.T. Clarke first prepared the ‘Plan’ for Kurla-Thane Rail lines.

12- First Howrah – New Delhi Rajdhani Express was started on 1st March. 1969. Its highest speed was 120 km.

13- The first train of the world rolled in England in 1825.

14-In 1922, Sir Climent Hindlay was appointed as the first Chief Commissioner of Railway Board

15-Railway Coach Factory was established in Kapurthala in the year 1987.

16-In 1870, Railway line was constructed in Sabarmati.

17- The first train was run in India on 16th April, 1853 between Boribander and Thane. This journey was of 57 minutes.

18-The first train in India was run by the English in 1845.

19-In 1789, British engineer William Jesup made the first iron train.

20-The diesel train in India came in the year 1932.

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