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1-Barracks- A building or set of buildings used to house soldiers.

2-Chateau – A home for nuns.

3-Cottage -A small country home or summer house used for vacations.

4-Duplex House -A house divided into two living units.

5-Duplex Apartment -An apartment with two floors of living space.

6-Adoble -A house made from sun dried bricks of clay and straw usually built in warm, dry climates like the south western US.

7-Apartment-A set of rooms in a building which usually contains other similar sets of rooms.

8-Bungalow- A small house with a low , wide roof and a porch. It is usually one story high.

9- Chalet – A mountain house with a wide ,overhanging roof ,posts and beams. The style originated in Switzerland.

10-Boarding house – A house in which rooms are rented and meals are served in a common dining room.

11-Octagon house- A house with eight sides.

12-Penthouse – A large apartment located at the top of building.

13-Palace – A large , grand building in which royalty live.

14-Tent – A portable house made of skins ,canvas or nylon.

15-Quonest Hut – A premade , portable circular hut made of metal and used by the US Army.

16-Rectory – The house in which a Roman Catholic priest or Episcopal  cergyman lives.

17-Studio Apartment – A one room apartment with a kitchen and bathroom.

18-Tepee , Tipi – A cone shaped portable home made of buffalo skins and tree saplings , used by the American Indians of the Great Plains.

19- Sod House –  A house made of bricks of sod , which is earth with grass and its roots. In the 19th century , these were built on the American prairie where there were no trees, just grassy land.

20-Shanty – A shack

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