GK/General Awareness/G-Studies,

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1.All types of steel contains mainly iron and carbon along with –  Nickel and chromium

2.The first woman in space was – Valentina Tereshova

3.Who was called the ‘Flying sikh’? –  Milka singh

4.The only liquid metal is –  Chlorine

5.Lack of which vitamin  leads to night blindness -Vitamin A

6.’Cannon, cue and pot ‘are three terms associsted with –  Golf only

7.Which of the following is associated with cricket?  –   Beighton cup

8.Which component of the blood protects the body from bacterial attack?  –   White corpuscles

9.Which of the following is the currency of japan? –  Yen

10.Who gave the eslogan ‘Jai jawan jai kisan? –  Lal Bahudur shastri

11.Where is the Hindustan  shipyard located? –  Calcutta

12.The scientific name of Lotus is –  Nelumbo

13.The scientific name of tiger is –  Lioner

14.Onion is modified –  Leaves

15.Normally, ahosuefly lives for about –  one year

16.An animal which can not take solid food is – Butterfly

17.The largest cells in our body are –  Nervecells

18.Diagested food is mostly absorbed through the –  Small intenstine

19.The diet of a 2-year old baby should contain more –  Protine

20.Fetilization is external in –  Frog

21.Merino is an improved variety of –  Sheep

22.Raphides found is a kind of reproduction found in –  Calcium oxalate 

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