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1-When did the Marathas capture Salsette and Bassein from the Portuguese ? -1739 A.D

2-The Dutch established their first settlement in Bengal at Balasore.

3- When was Bombay transferred to the East India Company by Charles II ? Ans- 1668 AD

4-What was the rate of land revenue in the administration of Shivaji ?
Ans- 2/5 portion of the yield

5- Hyderabad was the first native state to conclude Subsidiary Alliance with East India Company

6-Nearly one third of soldiers of the famous Bengal Army had their homes in Maharasthra.

7-By the enactment of British Parliament when did the East India Company cease to be a trading Company ?
Ans-1833 AD

8-Which part of India was most affected by the Revolution of 1857 ? -Ans-Avadh

9-Lord Hardinge is remembered for the annulment of the Partition of Bengal.

10-During which of the following period the Congress had best of relationship with the Muslim League ? -1916-1922

11- Sarojini Naidu was the first Indian woman to preside over the Indian National Congress

12-The book entitled ‘Springing tiger’ is a biography of Chandrashekhar Azad

13-The Harappan site, where the citadel and the lower town, both are fortified separately is Kalibanga

14-The Rigvedic Bharatas are associated with ‘The Parushni Valley’.

15-Hemchandra is known as a Jain scholar.

16-How many modes of devotion (Bhakti) are mentioned in Bhagawatism ? -Ans-Ten

17-Towards which of the following sects did Dasaratha had a leaning ? – Ajivakas

18-Brihadratha,Mauryan ruler was killed by his Commander-in-Chief .

19-The Kushans issued coins of Gold, Silver and Copper.

20-The Vallabhi era is identical with The Gupta era

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