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1-The First Draft of the Constitution of India proposed in 1947.

2- Under Article 108 of the Constitution of India, the Joint Sitting of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha has been been provided.

3- Article 51-A  of Indian Constitution enumerates Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens

4-The term ‘Cabinet’ is mentioned in Article 352 of the Constitution.

5-The District and sessions Judge works directly under the control of High Court of the state.

6- Right to Education Act was introduced in the year 2002

7-The number of Anglo-Indians who can be nominated by the President to the Lok Sabha is 2.

8-The Lok Sabha is also known as ‘The House of the People’.

9- Jawaharlal Nehru  was the first Foreign Minister of free India

10- By 69 amendment of constitution, Delhi was made the National Capital Territory.

11-President appoints the members of the Union Public Service Commission.

12-The number of writs that can be issued by the Supreme Court or High Court is 5.

13-Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of reserve seats for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha.

14-The Election Commissioner can be removed by ‘The Parliament’.

15- By Constitution (12th) Amendment Act 1962, the territories of Goa, Daman & Diu were incorporated in the Indian Constitution.

16- In India, the President is elected by Single Transferable Vote

17-President of India appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India .

18-Sardar Balabhbahi Patel was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India.

19- V.K. Krishna Menon was the Defence Minister of India during the Indo- China war of 1962 .

20-President has the authority to call a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament 

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