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Countries and their Official books

France   –                Yellow book

Netherland –              Orange book

 Italy/Iran –             Green book

German/Portugal/China-    White book

Japan/Belgium       –     Grey Book

Britain/India       –     Blue Book

Name of Hotline between countries

Hotlines Countries

17th parallel North vietnam and south vietnam

38th parallel North korea-South korea

Durand line India-Afganistan/Pakistan-Afganistan

Machmohan line India-China/ India-Tibbet

24th parallel India-Pakistan

Maginot line /seigfried line France-German German-France

49th parallel America- Canada

Plimsoll line This is the line marked on the hull of a ship to avoid overloading.

16th parallel Namibia-Angola

Hindenberg line / Odderneisse line German-Poland East german-Poland

Sir coricrick line India-Pakistan

Radcliff line India-Pakistan

Mannerhein line Russia-Finland

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