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Books written by Mughal Emperor

Laila Majnu                Amir Khasru

Alamagir Nama  Munsi Miraz Muhammad Kazin  About the ruling system of Aurangazeeb.

Tarikh E Akbari       Abul Fazal                              About the Reign of Akbar.

Tuzuk E Zahangir         Mohammad Khan History at the time of Zahangir.

Shahzahan Nama        Mohammad Sali About the Reign of Shah Zahan.

Tarikh E Firozshah        Samsi                                History of Tughlak’s.

Shahnamh               Firdousi                       About the reign period of Mohammad Ghazni.

Ain E Sikandari    Amir Khasru               Best book of Literature.

Khamas                     Amir Khasru              Literature and poetries

Tahakik E Hind     Albiruni               Albiruni was an Asian Pandit, who wrotes about Das                                                                                                                            Emperor.

Fatah Zahandari      Ziauddin              About the reign of Tughlak Emperor.

Tarikh E Firoz Shah     Baruni             About the reign of Firozshah Tughlak.

Badshah Nama    Abdul Hamid          About the Reign of Shah Zahan.

Humaun Nama  Khaoand Amir          About the ruling system at the reign of Humaun.

Tuzuk E Babari    Babar                       About the Reign of Babar, Techniques used by armed                                                                                                                            forces and ruling system.

Akbar Nama       Sekh Abul Fazal          History at the time of Akbar.

Shahzahanama        Inaio Khan              About the Reign of Shah Zahan.

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