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SPORTS          Terms Associated
Athletics        Photo Finish, Dead Heat,Steeple Chase.
Billiards        Cue,Jigger,Scratch,Cannons,Pot
Badminton Let, Deuce, Drop, Smash, Love.
Boxing      Knockout ,Jab, Hook, Kidney Punch, Rabbit Punch, Slam, Uppercut.
Cricket        Leg spinner,The Ashes, L.B.W., Hattrick,Follow on,  Stumped,  Bye,  Leg-Bye,                                Googhly, Gully, Drive, Duck, No Ball, Cover Point, Silly point, Pitch, Leg Break, Silly                       point, Cover point, Hit-Wicket, Late-cut, Slip, Stone-walling, Chinaman, Bodyline                                Bowling, Bumper Bowling, Chucker.
Chess       Bishop, Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate.
Football        Dribble, Off-side,Throwin,Touch-down,Stopper,Penalty,Foul,Drop-kick.
Golf                Bogey,Hole,Put,Tee,Stymic,Caddle.
Hockey       Stick, Bully,Penalty-corner,Scoop,Sudden-death,Tie-breaker,Carried,Roll in,Striking                           Cirle,Under cutting.
Lawn Tennis  Smash, Volley,Deuce,Service,Let,Grnad Slam,Double Fault,Back hand drive.
Rifle-Shooting   Bully’s eye (Centre of target
Wrestling             Half Nelson,Heave.
Volleyball Booster, Deuce,spikers,
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