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1-Air occupies Space & mass

2-he major components of air are Nitrogen & Oxygen

3-The process of preparation of food by plants is called Photosynthesis

4-The vegetables such as carrot,beet root and radish that you eat are Roots

5-Leaves are green because they have Chlorophyll.

6-From the heart,the blood is transported to all the organs of the body by Arteries.

7-The plants use which part of air for their food Carbon dioxide

8-Water freezes into ice at 0 degree C.

9-Water boils at 80 degree C.

10-Which source of energy wind is ? -Renewable

11-Which energy is released by a transistor -Sound

12-Electrical energy is converted mainly into light energy in Filament

13-Water stored in a high-level dam has Potential energy

14-A substance which can exist as solid,liquid and gas – Water

15-The dry cell produces electric energy from Chemical energy

16-Musical instrument in which sound is produced by the vibration of air is-Flute

17-A famous mathematician of ancient India is Aryabhatta

18-The power of an electric bulb is marked in Watts

19-The unit used for measuring distances between heavenly objects is Light Year

20-Which teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth -Milk teeth

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