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1- The 2014 Winter Olympics was held in Sochi, Russia

2-Gonorrhoea and Salmonellosis are Bacterial Dieases

3- Pedology is the study of different Types of soils

4- Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan

5-The world famous Tilcho Lake is in Nepal.

6-Vittal Trophy and Santosh Trophy is associated with  Football

7-The Headquarters of NASDAQ is in New York

8- Hanoi is the capital of  Vietnam

9-Tectology is the study of structural organization of body.

10- 2000 is the International Year of Thanksgiving.

11-Plateau, Vascularity, and Pyramiding are the terms associated with Weight Lifting

12- Gerald Posner is the Author of God’s Bankers.

13- Indravati Tiger Reserves located in Chhattisgarh

14-Darjeeling is called Mountain Railways of India.

15-Bharatpur is the name of Bird sanctuary placed in Rajasthan.

16- Electronic Corporation of India is called Hyderabad

17- Birla is the largest Planetarium in India.

18-Manjira River is found in Andhra Pradesh.

19- Highest Airport in India is Leh airport

20-Indian Cancer Research Institute Present in Mumbai.

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