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1-Transfer of heat through horizontal movement of air is known as Advection.

2-A ring or horse shoe shaped Coral Reef is called Atoll.

3-Beufort Scale is used for identifying Wind Strength.

4-Chronometer is the accurate time keeping instrument

5- Lines of equal depth in sea is known as Isobaths.

6-The energy radiated from the sun received by the earth is known as  Insolation.

7-The largest site of Indus Civilization is Mohenjodaro. Rakhigarhi is the largest Indian Site of Indus Civilization.

8-El Nino is associated with Meteorology

9- JN Dixit is the author of the book “Across Borders Fifty Years of India’s Foreign Policy”.

10-The Bagdogra Airport is located in West Bengal.

11-The Gulf Co-operation Council was established in 1981

12-The First Gene Bank of India is located at  New Delhi

13-Usha Narayanan is the Author of the book ‘Sweet and Sour’.

14-Under the 42nd Amendment of the constitution, the word SECULAR was inserted into the Preamble.

15-Bengaluru in India is called India’s Silicon Valley.

16-Ozone is a gas comprising 3 atoms of Oxygen.

17-The Rangaswamy Cup is associated with Hockey sports.

18-India’s first Skin Bank is located at Chennai

19-The Central Coconut Research Institute is located at Kerala.

20-The Indo-Russian Kayamkulam Project is located in Kerala.

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