GK/General Awareness/G-Studies

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GK/General Awareness

1-Mandamus is a writ which is an order of a court of law issued to a subordinate courtor an officer of government or a corporation or any other institution commanding the performance of certain acts or duties

2- Prohibition is a writ issued by a higher court to a lower court prohibiting it from takingup a case because it falls outside the jurisdiction of the lower court.

3- Quo Warranto is a writ issued against a person who claims or usurps a public office.

4-Habeas Corpus is a writ issued to a detaining authority to produce the detained person in court to knowcause for detention

5- Certiorari is a writ issued to a lower court directing it that the record of a case besent up for review with all the files, evidence and documents with an aim to overrule the judgement of the lower court

6-Rise in temperature is a result of ‘Green House Effect’.

7-Lake Toba is a Caldera lake.

8-Astrometer instrument is used to measure intensity of sun-rays.

9-Junagarh rock edict of Rudradamana inscriptions proves Chandragupta Maurya’s conquest of Saurashtra.

10-Sarnath Inscription of the time of Kanishka indicates that his empire was extended upto Champa in the east

11- Kurram, Nadu, Kottam gives the administrative divisions of the chola kingdom in the correct descending order.

12-Haryanka dynasty ruled over Magadha in the 6th century B.C.

13-Amir Khusro wrote books of  Ashiqa, Qiranussadain, Khazain-ul-Futuh.

14- Ishwardas Nagar wrote Futuhat-i-Alamgiri book.

15- Kanauj became the most important city of northern India under Harsha.

16-Ionosphere atmospheric layer is responsible for the deflection of radio-waves.

17-Ashokan Pillar inscriptions is devoted to the principle of religious tolerance completely

18-30┬░to 35┬░latitudes in both the hemispheres are horse latitudes.

19-Government of India Act 1858  transferred the Government of India from East India Company to the Crown

20-Seventh Constitution contains the Union, State and Concurrent List.

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