GK/General Awareness/G-Studies,

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GK/General Awareness

1-Panthalassa ocean, according to Wegener, surrounded Pangaea on all sides

2- Coal is known as ‘Black Gold’

3-Zainul Abedin, medieval Indian ruler prior to Akbar has been referred to as the ‘Akbar of Kashmir’.

4-Attorney General , law officer shall have the right to speak in both the Houses of Parliament.

5-European Union is the worlds second largest electorate

6-Indira point is the southern-most point of India.

7-Rigveda is the oldest Veda

8-Aurangzeb, Mughal emperor wrote a will and instructed his sons, that they continue Asad Khan as the vazir

9-The art and science of map making is called Cartography

10-The exchange of commodities between two countries is called Bilateral trade.

11-The National Development Council (NDC) was set up on August 6,1952

12-TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associated with WTO

13-The World Habitat Day is observed every year on the First Monday of October

14-Thorium is used as a fuel in Nuclear power stations in India

15-Excise Duty is levied on Goods produced within the country

16-Harshacharita refers to ‘Pushyabhuti’ as the founder of the Vardhana dynasty .

17- Kuru, Panchal were regarded as the hub of Aryan culture during the later Vedic period

18-United States of America has maximum farm-houses

19-Lumbini Pillar edict inscriptions of Asoka refers to the grant of concession in land revenue to a village

20-Hunting and fishing are activities of the Eskimos and Lapps.

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