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India -GK

1-India’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) contracted by 1.5 per cent in January, 2016 compared to contraction of 1.2 per cent in December 2015.

2-The Indian economy is expected to grow at 7.5 per cent in FY 2016-17, as per the forecast by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

3-India’s foreign exchange reserves were US$ 354.40 billion in the week up to March 11, 2016, an increase of US$ 2.54 billion over the past week.

4-India’s Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation rate remained negative at 0.91 per cent for the sixteenth consecutive month in February 2016 as against negative 0.90 per cent in the previous month.

5-India’s Coastline: 7,517 km, including the mainland, the coastlines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea.

6-Area: India measures 3,214 km from north to south and 2,933 km from east to west with a total area of 3,287,263 sq km.

7-Water: 314,070 sq km

8-Land: 2,973,190 sq km

9-Longitude: 68° 7′ to 97° 25′ east

10-Latitude: 8° 4′ to 37° 6′ north

11-Location: India lies to the north of the equator in Southern Asia

12-Administrative Divisions: 29 States and 7 Union Territories

13-Chief of State: President, Mr Pranab Mukherjee (since July 25, 2012)

14-Head of Government: Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi (since May 26, 2014)

15-Population: 1,210,569,573 (As on Dec 22, 2015)

16-Population Growth Rate: 1.58 per cent (June 2015)

17-Literacy: Total population: 74.04 per cent (provisional data-2011 census)

18- Male: 82.14 per cent

19- Female: 65.46 per cent

20-Life expectancy: 66.97 years (men), 69.42 years (women) (2015E)

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