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General Awareness

 1- India first took part in Olympic games in the year 1920.

 2- Vishwanathan Anand is the first Indian Chess player who has broken the world record by finishing the game in first twelve moves.

 3- Zamorin was the local ruler whom Vasco Dagama met on his arrival at Calicut in May 1498.

 4-The title of Victory was added to the office of the Governor General of India for the first time in 1858.

5-The first Rajeev Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award was given to Mother Teresha.

 6-The Indian National Calendar is based on Saka Era.

 7- Kalachakra ceremony is associated with Buddhism.

 8-Angela Merkel is ranked the world’s most powerful women by Forbes for 2013.

 9-Mohammed Morsi the ousted President belongs to Muslim Brotherhood Party.

 10-The Teesta treaty has become the bone of contention between India and Bangladesh.

 11-Liu Yang is China’s first woman Astronaut.

 12-Veena is the most ancient musical instrument among Sitar, Sarod and Tabla.

 13-Excise duty is an indirect tax where as Corporation tax, capital gain tax and Wealth tax are direct taxes.

 14-The National Income is based on total value of goods and services.

 15-During 2012, the estimated foreign tourists arrival in India is 66.48 lakhs.

 16-Dr B R Ambedkar is known as the father of Indian Constitution.

 17-Saga-220 is the fastest Indian Super computer recently developed by ISRO.

 18-8000 Railway stations are approximately there on the Indian Railway Network.

 19-The first women post office in the country has been established in March 2013.

 20-The Aravallis has the oldest rock in India.

 21-The 4th Buddhist council was held in Kashmir under the leadership of Kanishka.

 22-The University of Nalanda was set up by Gupta ruler Kumara Gupta 1.

 23-Stomata of a plant is responsible for transpiration.

 24-Terracing,contour funding and contour ploughing methods are suitable for soil conservation in hilly region.

 25-Biodiversity is richer in Trophical regions.

 26-Bug has three pairs of legs.

 27-Srisailam dam has been constructed across Krishna River,

 28-Stalagmite is depositional landform.

 29-Calcium and Phosphorous elements are responsible for weakening of bones.

 30-Phosphorus is present in the green pigment of leaf.

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