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         Project Tiger was launched in India in the year 1972

         The largest member of the cat family is the Tiger

The largest division of the animal kingdom is the Arthropoda

         Ranganthittu bird sanctuary is located near Mysore

How many teeth a turtle has ‘Eight’

The average pregnancy period of a female dog is 63 days

         The largest Indian deer is the Sambar

A common domesticated animal which is colour-blind is the Dog

         A camel can remain without water for 30 days

The number of bones in the giraffe’s neck is ‘Seven’

         The first animal to go into space was Dog

         The only animal which has four knees is the Elephant

        The organ which is missing in the Camel is the Gall bladder

        Red panda is also known as the Cat bear

        The fish that can taste with its whole body is the Catfish

        The elephant’s trunk is actually a modified Incisor

        Giant stick Insect is the longest insect in the world

        Ora is the largest known frog

        Tropical cockroach is the fastest moving insect in the world.

        Great Bustard is the bird which has the largest wing span.


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