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       The Valley of Flowers is located at Garhwal in Himalayas

        Hay fever is due to the presence of ‘Pollen’ in the air

The Humic acid is found in soil

Burning of fossil fuels releases Carbon-di-oxide

        Solar radiation is the biggest energy source on the surface of the earth

The place referred to as the Valley of Death is ‘Cubatao’ in Brazil

R.A.Smith discovered Acid rain

The element found abundant in the crust of the earth is Oxygen

Aridisols soil is found in the dessert

The crust of the earth is called Lithosphere

99 percent of the crust of earth is composed of Elements

       The metal which causes systemic poisoning in man is Lead

Oceans are ecologically divided into ‘Five’ regions

        Mammals, are the type of living beings more sensitive to nuclear radiations

Junk of appliances and vehicles is known as Solid Waste

Textile workers more frequently suffer from Byssinosis

        The most acute pollution problem faced by nuclear power industry is ‘Disposal of nuclear waste’.

Uranium miners more frequently suffer from Cancer

        Solar energy is the  simplest and least polluting way of deriving energy

Coal miners more frequently suffer from Black lung diseases

Excessive inhalling of manganese causes Pnemonia

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