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General Awareness

1-An Octopus has eight arms.

2-A period of dormancy in water by some animals is known as hibernation.

3-A small fish having a head like that of a horse is known as Sea Horse.

4-A small worm which lives in ponds and rivers and sucks the blood of animals is known as Leech.

5-The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is Ostritch.

6-The animal revered by the buddists as their sacred animal is the White Elephant.

7-The largest World aquarium is Sydney aquarium.

8-The arms of the Octopus are called Tentacles.

9-Albatross is a large Sea Bird.

10-The only mammals that can fly is the Bat.

11-The largest bird alive is the Ostritch.

12-The smallest bird alive is the Humming Bird.

13-The fastest moving land snake in the World is Black Mamba.

14-Egg laying mammals are called Prototherians.

15-An animal doctor is called Veterinarian.

16-African Donkey with black and white stripes is called a Zebra.

17-The largest Kangaroo in the World is Red Kangaroo.

18-A group of lions is called a Pride.

19-The fish which is known as the king of fishes is the Shark.

20-Animals have backbone are called Vertebrates.

21-The World’s largest Zoological reserve is the Etosha National Park(Namibia).

22-Austrian scientist Konart Lorenz is famous for study on Geese.

23-Bharathpur Bird sanctuary is in Rajasthan.

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