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1-One barrel = 159 litres

2- RBCs are formed in bone marrow.

3-Robert Hooke coined the term ‘cell’.

4-Volta invented electric battery.

5-Blue Whale is the largest mammal.

6-Rayon fibre is made up of cellulose.

7-Pure gold is of 24 carat; % of gold in 18 carat gold is 75

8-Vertebrae has 39 bones; highest in the human body.

9-Forest Survey of India is located at Dehradun.

10- Echo is caused due to the reflection of sound.

11-CPU is called as the brain of the computer.

12-Hydrogen bomb works on the principle of nuclear fusion.

13-In vacuum speed of light is the highest.

14-The number of major ports in India is 13.

15-Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum

16-Ahemedabad city is called the ‘Bolfon of the  east

17-Coimbatore city is called the Manchester of South India

18-The Matalia multipurpose project is located in Uttar Pradesh

19-The largest shipyard of India is located at Kochi.

20- Jharia coalfield is the largest producer in India.

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