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1-Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of Lignite coal in India.

2- From Viskhapatnam port, the iron ore from Bailadia is exported

3-Tarapur  is the oldest atomic power station

4-Gujarat- Maharashtra region has a well-developed petrochemical industry

5-Rana Partap Sagar Plant ( Rajasthan) is associated with  hydroelectricity

6-Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. company manufactures Aircrafts  at Bangalore

7-The production facilities of Hindustan photo  films company are located at Ooty

8-Jadugoda mines are famous for Uranium Deposits

9-The concept of Constitution first originated in USA

10-In a Constitutional Monarchy, the real power is enjoyed by the Council of Ministers

11-The term of office of the Chief Election Commissioner is 6 years

12-USA has a Presidential form of Government

13-State Assembly elections are conducted by the Chief Election Commissioner

14-A minister, who is not a member of the State Legislative Assembly, is required to secure the people’s verdict in his favour in a by-election within six months

15-The minimum age to qualify for membership of the Rajya Sabha is 30 years

16-The authority to dissolve a State Legislative Assembly is vested in the Governor of the State

17-What can be the maximum strength of Council of Minister ?-Should not exceed 15% of strength of lok sabha

18-The resolution shall be passed by a majority of not less than 2/3 of the total strength of the house.

19-The government which does not enjoy the confidence of lok sabha, hence is not excepted to take policy decisions is known as  Care taker government

20-Who come 1st and 2nd in the warrant of precedence ?-President and Vice President respectively

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