GK/General Awareness/G-Studies,

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1. The botanical name of the cotton plant is
          Gossipium Hirsutum

2. The most serious environmental pollution from a nuclear reactor is
        Thermal pollution

3. The botanical name for onion is
        Allium Cepa

4. The role of heredity was demonstrated by

6. The response of a plant to heat is called

7. The response of a plant to touch is called

8. The science of organic forms and structures is known as

9. The principal metal used in manufacturing steel is

10. The scientific name for blood platelets is

11. The scientist who developed the Quantum theory was
        Max Plonck

12. The smallest flowering plant is

13. The study of antiquities is known as

14. The study of bacteria is known as

15.The study of grasses is known as

16.The study of poisons is called:

17.The study of the duration of life is known as

18.The study of sound is called

19.The basic building blocks of proteins are
     Amino acids

20.The botanical name for brinjal is
     Solanum melongena

21.The botanical name for rice is
     Oryza Sativa

22.The biggest plant seed is

23.The study of tissues is called

24.The chemical formula of common salt is

25.The molecular formula of cane sugar is

26.The study of heavenly bodies is called

27.The botanical name of tea is
     Camellia Sinensis

28.The chemical formula of chloroform is

29.The chemical name of Chloroform is

30.The formula CHCI3 stands for

31.The chemical formula of sodium bicarbonate is

32.The formula C6H5OH stands for

33.The formula H2O2 stands for
      Hydrogen peroxide

34.The chemical name of baking powder is
     Sodium bicarbonate

35.The chemical formula of washing soda is
     Na2CO3, IOH2O

36.The formula H2SO4 stands for
     Sulphuric Acid

37.The chemical name of bleaching powder is
     Calcium hypochlorite

38.The metal used in storage batteries is

39.The formula HCL stands for
     Hydrochloric Acid

40.The liquid used to preserve specimens of plans and animals is

41.The chemical formula of lime soda is

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