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Geography -Imp points

1- The Sahara Desert in Africa covers a surface area of 3.5 million square miles.

2-Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean in the world.

3-River with the greatest water flow is the Amazon that flows into the ocean at a rate of 18,000 m3/s.

4-Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis) is reportedly largest star.

5-Largest freshwater lake is  Superior, which is one of the Great Lakes. About 65% of Lake Superior is located in the United States and the rest is in Canada.

6- Lake Titicaca, which is the highest lake is located at the border of Peru and Bolivia.

7-Lake Baikal is located in Siberia and is the deepest lake in the world at 5315 ft.

8- Largest lake is Caspian Sea,that is located in Azerbaijan (Asia) and has a total area of 143,240 square miles.

9-Longest river is Amazon .The total length of the Amazon in South America is 4195 miles. Its navigable length of 3750 miles is the greatest of any river. River Nile had been regarded as the longest but its present estimated length is about 4145 miles.

10-Widest waterfall is Khone Falls that are in Laos.

11- Highest waterfall is ‘Angel Falls’ located in Venezuela on the river Carrao. They are named after the American Pilot Jimmy Angel who recorded them in his log book while flying over them in 1935. The Tugela Falls in South Africa with a drop of 3110 ft are the second highest waterfall.

12- Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest

13- Largest peninsula is Arabia.

14-Asia is the largest continent accounting for about 29.5% of all the land on the Earth.

15-Largest bay (in terms of shoreline length) is Hudson Bay

16-South China Sea is the largest Sea.

17-Largest ocean in the world is Pacific Ocean that represents nearly half of all the world’s oceans. Oceans represent 94% of the Earth’s water.

18-Ganymede is one of the 16 satellites of Jupiter. It has a mass nearly double that of the moon.

19-Our planet Earth, with a density of nearly 5.5 times that of water, is the densest planet of our solar system.

20- Saturn, with a density about 0.69 times that of water, is the one with the lowest density.

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