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1-Amaravati Stupa in Guntur district is the most famous one in Andhra Pradesh. This was built during the rule of Satavahanas about 1900 years ago.

2-Another important stupa was the Nagarjunakonda stupa. It was a part of Vijayapuri, the capital city of Ikshvaku kings. It was situated on the banks of Krishna River.

3- The most famous sculptures of the Buddha come from Gandhara in the Northwest, Mathura and Saranath in Uttar Pradesh .

4-Viharas were the monasteries or living places of Buddhist monks where religious education was imparted.

5- A crystal casket containing the relics of the Buddha was found at Bhattiprolu Stupa.

6- The most important thinkers of ancient India was Panini who wrote about the grammar of Sanskrit Language in a book called Ashthadhyayi.

7-Ashvaghosha in the Kushans time wrote Buddhacharita, one of the earliest kavya or poetic story in Sanskrit, based on the life of the Buddha.

8-Amarasimha, who was in the court of Chandra Gupta II, wrote the famous Amarakosa, a kind of dictionary in Sanskrit.

9- Bhasa, a famous dramatist, wrote thirteen dramas based on stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

10-Kalidasa wrote his famous drama Abhijnana Shakuntalam based on a story from Mahabharata relating the love of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala.

11- Shudraka wrote a very interesting drama called Mrichchakatika describing the lives of urban people.

12-Aryabhatta who wrote a book called Aryabhattiyam in which he said that the earth rotates, causing day and night and that actually the sun did not go around the earth.
People did not agree with him in those days.

13-Aryabhata and other mathematicians of ancient India adopted the decimal system of numbers and place value system, writing numbers the way we do today.

14-Earlier, Romans wrote one hundred and two as CII or one hundred twenty seven as CXXVII (C= 100; X = 10; V = 5 and I = 1). They did not use any zero.

15-Most of the scripts we use in India today (Devnagari, Telugu and Tamil, for example) actually developed from Brahmi Script used by Ashoka. One of the earliest inscriptions
found in Andhra Pradesh region is from Bhattiprolu stupa in Krishna District. This was inscribed around 200 B.C

16- Islam religion  was founded by Prophet Mohammad.

17-Prophet Mohammad was born in Arabia at Mecca in 570 CE.

18-Mohammad is considered as a Prophet or messenger of Allah.

19- The teachings of Allah are written in a book called Quran. It is the holy book of Islam.

20-Saint Thomas, a follower of Jesus Christ, came to India with Roman traders and brought with him the teachings of Christ. St. Thomas propagated Christianity in South India.

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