History One-Liners for competitive examination-May 9

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History One-Liners for competitive examination- May 9

Thank You for landing the History section page.

 Maximum questions come from this portion of different competitive exams.

Here are some important History one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Bits below. 

1- Who among the following founded the Atmiya Sabha?

(A) Rammohon Roy
(B) Debendranath Tagore
(C) Shibnath Shastri
(D) Keshab Chandra Sen.

2- Name the first National News Agency of India

(A) The Free Press of India
(B) The Indian Review
(C) The Associated Press of India
(D) The Hindustan Review

3- Who founded a national paper, a national school, and a national gymnasium in the second half of the nineteenth century?

(A) Satyendrailath Tagore
(B) Nabagopal Mitra
(C) Rajnarayan Bose
(D) Jatindranath Tagore

4- Who among the following has written Nil-Darpan?
(A) Harish Chandra Mukherjee
(B) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(C) Dinabandhu Mitra
(D) Rames Chandra Datta.

5- The Gayatri Mantra in the Rig Veda addresses to-

(A) Agni
(B) Indra
(C) Elisha
(D) Savitri

6- How many total numbers of Puranas are there?
(A) 18
(B) 10
(C) 11
(D) 43

7- Sabha and Samiti are two democratic institutions of
(a) Hilly tribes of India
(b) Indus Valley people
(c) Dravidians
(d) Rigvedic Aryans

8- Name the first permanent home of the Aryans in India.

(A) Sindh
(B) Gujarat
(C) Punjab
(D) Rajasthan

9- In which period the Indus Valley Civilization belongs to?
(A) Chalcolithic period
(B) Mesolithic period
(C) Paleolithic period
(D) Neolithic period

10- Name the metal that was unknown to the Indus people.
(A) Iron
(B) Copper
(C) Gold
(D) Bronze

11- Who among the following discovered the Indus valley civilization?
(A) A. L. Basham
(B) V. S. Agarwal
(C) Rakhaldas Banerjee
(D) Sir John Marsal.

12- By who among the following Allahabad pillar inscription was carved by
(a) Ravikirti
(b) Rudradaman
(c) Banabhatta
(d) Harisena.

13- Name the greatest scholar of Medical Science of ancient India
(a) Barahamihir
(b) Rudrasena
(c) Bagabhatta
(d) Charaka

14- Who has authored Fo-Kuo-King?
(a) Hiuen Tsang
(b) Megasthenes
(c) It-Tsing
(d) Fa-Hien

15- Name the emperor who has been called Napoleon of India.
(a) Kanishka
(b) Asoka
(C) Chandragupta II Vikramaditya
(d) Samudragupta


1- Rammohon Roy.

2- The Free Press of India

3- Nabagopal Mitra.

4- Dinabandhu Mitra.

5- Savitri.

6- 18.

7- Rigvedic Aryans.

* Assemblies like Sabha, Samiti, Vidhata and Gana as mentioned in Rig Veda.

8- Punjab.

9- Chalcolithic period.

10- Iron.

11- Rakhaldas Banerjee.

12- Harisena


14- Fa-Hien

15- Samudragupta

* Samudragupta was also called the Hero of Hundred Battles.

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