History One-Liners for various competitive examination

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History One-Liners for various competitive examination

Thank You for landing the History section page.

 Maximum questions come from this portion of different competitive exams.

Here are some important History one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Bits below. 

1- Nivi, Paridhan and Adhivasa were the different types of garments of the Aryans.

2-Patanjali is well- known for the compilation of Panchatantra.

3-Atharvaveda contains an account of magical charms and spells.

4-The battle of Mahabharata is believed to have been fought at Kurukshetra for 18 days.

5-Author of ‘Nyaya Sutra‘ was Gautam.

6-Panini, the first Grammarian of Sanskrit language in India, lived during the 6th -5th Century BC.

7- In Sanskrit language was the ‘Shrimad Bhagavad Gita’ originally written.

8-The expounder of Yoga philosophy was Patanjali.

9-The God who is the most prominent in ‘Rigaveda’ is Indra.

10-Ashtadhyayi was written by Panini.

11-The ‘Manu Smriti’ mainly deals with Laws.

12-The words Satyameva Jayate in the State Emblem of India has been adopted from Mundaka Upanishad.

13-Rigidification of caste system is the major impact of Vedic Culture on Indian History.

14- The literal meaning of the word Arya is Superior.

15-Max Muller was the first European to designate Aryan as a race.

16-The staple food of the Vedic Aryan was milk and its products.

17-The Rigvedic God Varuna was ‘Guardian of the cosmic order’.

18-The great lawgiver of ancient times was Manu.

19-Tolkappiyam is related to Grammar.

20-The ‘Paditrupputtu’ is a collection of poems in the praise of Chera King.

21-Sengattuvan was the founder of Pattini cult related to the worship of the goddess of chastity –Kannagi.

22- Karikala was the founder of Puhar (Kaveripattanam).

23- Kural is called ‘The Bible of Tamil Land’.

24-The Capital of Kadamba king was Varanasi.

25- The third Sangam was held at Madurai.

26- The author of ‘Kural’ or ‘Muppal’, a treatise on polity, ethics, and social norms, was Tiruvalluvar.

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