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The Cultural Revolution was launched in China in 1966 by Mao Tse-tung

Before independence,Angola was under the control of  Portuguese

In 1997,Hong Kong was reunified with  China

Before independence Ghana was a colony of Britain

During 1945-52,Japan was occupied by United States troops

Kenya became independent in  1963 AD

The Korean War was fought in 1950-53 AD

The earlier name of Zaire was  Congo

South Africa withdrew from the British Common Wealth in  1961 AD

Prior to its Independence,Korea was a Colony of  Japan

In 1979,Afghanistan witnessed invasion by  Soviet Union

The unpopular practice of South Africa was Apartheid

Zaire became independent in 1960 AD

The earlier name of Ghana was Gold Coast

The popular leader of Cuba is Fidel Castro

Before independence,Zaire was under the control of Belgians

Ghana became independent in 1957 AD

Before independence,Zimbabwe was a colony of Britain

Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty was signed in 1991 AD

Zimbabwe became independent in 1976 AD

The Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979 AD

During the Gulf War,Iraq fought under the leadership of Saddam Hussein

In 1990,Iraq attacked and occupied  Kuwait

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