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Hitler’s Nazy party came to power in  1933 AD

The Bolschevik revolution occurred in  1917 AD

In 1940,Germany defeated  Poland

Tibet is presently occupied by  China

In December 1941,Japan attacked  Pearl Harbour

Ayatollah Khomeini was the religious leader of  Iran

In June 1941,Hitler launched Operation  Barbarossa

Malaya became independent in  1957 AD

In 1940,Germany invaded  France

In 1939,Hitler and Stalin concluded the  Nazi-Soviet Pact

Phillipines became independent in  1946 AD

Franco came to power in Spain in  1939 AD

The Berlin Wall was built in  1961 AD

During the first World War,America’s President was  Roosewelt

The Marshall Plan was launched in  June 1947

Operation Barbarossa was launched against Soviet Union

Winston Churchill was the premier of  Britain

Indonesia became independent in  1948 AD

In 1937,Japan attacked  China

In 1942,British defeated the Africa Corps at  El Alamein

In the first World War, Japan allied with Germany

In February 1942,Singapore fell to  Japan

The European Ecomic Community was formed in  1952 AD

In 1942,Russians broke the German front at  Stalingrad

Pearl Harbour is located in  Hawai

In 1994,the African National Congress won the elections in South Africa under the leadership of  Nelson Mandela

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