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History –

1-The veda which referred to Andhras -Rigveda.

2-Tapussaka and Bhallika were the first disciples of Buddha.

3-The places where the sculptures created by Buddhist Andhras are located ? –  Amaravati, Nagarjuna Konda.

4-Who was the ruler of Kapilavastu ?

5-Who was the step mother of Siddhartha ?
Ans-Prajapathi Gauthami.

6-The birth place of Siddhartha ?
Ans-Lumbini (Ruminda)

7-Who was the Guru of Siddhartha ?

8-Who created the rock edict in Lumbini ?

9-Who was the mother of Buddha ?
Ans-Mayadevi (Princess of Kosala)

10-Name the lady disciple of Buddha in Vaishali ?

11-What is the name of the Buddhist monument situated at Sankaram in Visakha district ?

12-What was the name of the son of Siddhartha and Yashodhara ?

13-Whare was Siddhartha enlightened ?
Ans -On the bank of Naranjana,under a Pipul tree.

14-What was the proof of the religious policy of the Aryans ?
Ans-Yajnam or Batu

15-Who was the father of Siddhartha ,the founder of Buddhism ?
Ans-Suddhodhana (Sakya King)

16-Which religions became prominent during the search of solutions for the local problems ?

Ans-Jainism and Buddhism

17-Which races did not tolerate the supremacy of Brahmins ?
Ans-Yaksha and Naga Races.

18-Who awarded ‘Velu Vanavi haram’ to Buddha ?

Ans-Bimbisara(Magadha Kingdom)

19-The place Ashoka visited for the third Buddhist sangiti ?
Ans-Mahisha Mandalam

20-What is the famous name for the death of Buddha ?
Ans-Mahapari Nirvanam

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