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1.In the year 1600A.D.London traders established which society? – East India Trade society

2.Machilipatnam became centre for which bussines?- Weaving indusrty,Kalankari, Precious stones and diamonds

3.The english king who took Bombay as a part of dowry?- Charles II

4.After the opposition from portuguese and ducth, where did the British people establish their factory? – Armagan

5.In which year was Madras recognised as a presidency ?- 1684A.D.

6.The british officer who searched for a new trade centre in pondicherry ? – Francis Day

7.The places  were the British people established their factories with the encouragement of Golkonda Nawab Kutubshahi:-  Nijampatanam and Bhiminipatanam

8.Who established trade base at Yaanam in Andhra desham ?
Ans- French

9-The famous port constructed by Britishers in Madras ?
Ans Saint George.

10-The trading company of French in India ?
Ans-French East India Company

11-Who ruled the Karnataka area, with the Arcot as capital ?

12-In which year did the construction of Saint George Start ?
Ans-1684 AD.

13-What was the first name of the new city constructed by British ?
Ans-Chennappa Patnam or Chennapatnam

14-Who was the Deccan Subedar when the Mughal Empire was declining ?

15-The Chandragiri King who allowed the British to construct a factory near Madras?
Ans-Venkatapatiraya III

16-The French King who allowed to establish the French East India Company ?
Ans-Louis XIV

17-With whom Francis Day consulted for the construction of a factory at Madras ?
Ans-Damerla Brothers

18-With which name the wars between England and French in India were popular ?
Ans-Karnataka Wars.

19-The ruler of Bobbili who died in the Bobbili War ?
Ans-Bobbili Ranga Rao

20-The Year of Bobbili war -1757 AD.

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