Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023

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Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023

  1. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023 was awarded to Moungi G. Bawendi (MIT), Louis E. Brus (Columbia University), and Alexei I. Ekimov (Nanocrystals Technology Inc.).
  2. The award was given for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots.
  3. Quantum dots are integral components of nanotechnology.
  4. The size of quantum dots determines their properties.
  5. Quantum dots are used in televisions, LED lamps, and surgical guidance for tumor removal.
  6. Quantum phenomena in particles arise when matter is shrunk to nano-dimensions.
  7. The properties of quantum dots are determined by quantum phenomena.
  8. Johan Åqvist emphasized that quantum dots change colors based on their size.
  9. Initially, size-dependent quantum effects in nanoparticles were considered theoretical.
  10. In the 1980s, Alexei Ekimov showcased size-dependent quantum effects in colored glass using nanoparticles of copper chloride.
  11. Louis Brus first proved size-dependent quantum effects in particles present in fluids.
  12. Moungi Bawendi, in 1993, significantly enhanced the chemical production of quantum dots.
  13. Quantum dots play a crucial role in QLED technology for computer monitors and TVs.
  14. They enhance the light quality of certain LED lamps and help in mapping biological tissues.
  15. The future applications of quantum dots could include flexible electronics, tiny sensors, slimmer solar cells, and encrypted quantum communication.
  16. The full potential of quantum dots is still being explored.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023 Winners

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