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1- The audible frequency range is frequency between 20Hz to 20000Hz

2- Coulomb is the unit for electric charge

3-Newton second per square meter is the unit for Viscosity.

4-The value of acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity is zero.

5-The Electric circuit which changes its direction at regular intervals of time is called Alternating Current

6-Colorimeter instrument is used to determine the intensity of colors 

7-Watt meter instrument is used to measure the power of electric circuit

8-Rate of change of distance is called Speed

9-Fathometer instrument is used to measure depth of ocean.

10-Rate of change of momentum is called Force.

11-The nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits into two nuclei of nearly equal mass is called Nuclear fission .

12-Candela is used to measure Intensity of flame.

13-Kelvin is used to measure Temperature

14-Steredian is used to measure Solid Angle

15-Watt is unit of Power 

16-Newton per meter is unit of Surface Tension.

17-Newton second is unit of impulse.

18-Ohm is unit of Electric Resistance .

19-Henry is unit of Magnetic Induction.

20-Volt is unit of Potential Difference.  

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