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GK Terminology

1-Treason- – Betrayal of one’s country or government

2-Chateau (pl. chateaux) – – Castle or stately residence belonging to a king or a nobleman

3- Manor -– An estate consisting of the lord’s lands and his mansion

4-Subsistence crisis -– An extreme situation where the basic means of livelihood are endangered

5- Anonymous -– One whose name remains unknown

6-Taille -– Tax to be paid directly to the state

7-Clergy -– Group of persons invested with special functions in the church

8-Livre -– Unit of currency in France, discontinued in 1794

9-Tithe -– A tax levied by the church, comprising one-tenth of the agricultural produce

10-Suffragette movement – – A movement to give women the right to vote.

11-Jadidists -– Muslim reformers within the Russian empire

12-Real wage -– Reflects the quantities of goods which the wages will actually buy

13-Autonomy -– The right to govern themselves

14- Nomadism – – Lifestyle of those who do not live in one place but move from area to area to earn their living

15-Deported -– Forcibly removed from one’s own country.

16-Exiled -– Forced to live away from one’s own country.

17-Genocidal – – Killing on large scale leading to destruction of large sections of people

18-Proletarianisation -– To become impoverished to the level of working classes.

19-Propaganda -– Specific type of message directly aimed at influencing the opinion of people (through the use of posters, films,
speeches, etc.)

20-Concentration camp– A camp where people were isolated and detained without due process of law. Typically, it was surrounded
by electrified barbed wire fences.

21-Nordic German Aryans – One branch of those classified as Aryans. They lived in north European countries and had German
or related origin

22-Usurers -– Moneylenders charging excessive interest; often used as a term of abuse

23-Pauperised -– Reduce to absolute poverty

24-Persecution -– Systematic, organised punishment of those belonging to a group
or religion

25-Synagogues -– Place of worship for people of Jewish faith

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